Goals and Objectives of Euradiomics


The main goals are threefold:


1. Maintain and/or install the image analysis solution in all hospitals participating in the project;

2. To develop and validate a workflow between the participants, in chronological order: medical image analysis in a distributed manner without the images leaving the original hospital, development of clinically useful radiomics signatures, euregional validation of the signatures, integration of signatures in potentially marketable products (see point 3).

3 test five types (a-e) of potential marketable products in the EURADIOMICS network, namely:

a). potentially patentable radiomics signatures.

b) image analysis software;

c) decision support systems for doctors;

d) decision support systems for patients ("decision tool");

e) e-learning modules.

The use of large volumes of medical images will enable better treatments for cancer patients, primarily within the Euregion, and then worldwide. This project also has a more specific objective: the development and marketing of "big data" technology within the fields of head and neck cancer and cancer of the esophagus, lungs and liver. Harnessing the petabytes of medical image data stored in hospitals all over the world, decision support systems can be validated to improve the diagnosis and semi-automatic treatment of cancer.